“Well , this one was a Big Hit for us , I still got 500 copies of it in my house.” (misquoting Lemmy Kilmister).

The second DVD by vj-bond JPECH was made 10 years ago and was a compilation of videocassette-recordings (…) made during live-gigs as a way of trying to record the flow of mixing 3-Chord-Visuals real-time. We cut them up and let it run over a soundtrack by our fine friends with the moniker EGOSHOOTER, had a whole lot of discs printed as a way of PRO//MOTION///ONLY and thought of the result as both a portfolio and our second “Audiovisual Record” ; in else a labour of love. We did mail (post, that is) a few to check new and interesting gigs. Around that same time, JPECH became Resident VJ at the infamous dutch club RAUW in the old Tivoli building in Utrecht and Arjan THISISTAPED joined the bond and a lot of gigs at Festivals were happening and then, unsurprisingly,  the medium dvd went quite obsolete. So we kept most of them in boxes.

But hey, I loved making it and I still like seeing it. And it is the only dvd I know of with an endlessly repeating run-out groove.  The DVD itself has that sound-sample ( you guess where we took it from ! it’s not by Egoshooter but much, much older…) really looping endlessly with a fitting flickering 3-chord-visual , in this online version it plays about 25 (or 40) times.

JPECH001 was arguably the first berlin audio-visual longplayer and was more or less video-cassette-recorded real-time without after-editing or layering. JPECH002 was our LIVE-record , little bits of footage meticuliously cut up to fit in a journey that records three years of Jpech On The Road. Enjoy the ride !



JPECH002 /// Pro Motion Only /// Nur Für Bewegung
Release: 17 05 2006 @ Designmai Youngsters 2006 Berlin
©Sound: EGOSHOOTER (Ivo Hanke, Georg Schönbohm), 2006.
©Visuals: JPECH.NET (Nimmer/Supermann), 2006.
Jpech LIVE footage used:
Recombination / Berlin 03, 05,
Lowlands Festival / NL 04,
Awakenings, Amsterdam 05.
And tapes and frames from many other live performances between 2003 and 2006.
Produced @ Jpech International, Berlin.
jpech rocks /// 3 chord visuals /// see us soon