jpech @ RAUW tivoli, 09 09 06

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“RAUW is a club night organized by Meubel Stukken, the instant party company that brought you numerous success concepts in the Netherlands. RAUW is discovering and trespassing the new frontiers of clubbing. RAUW is not for the faint hearted. Inspired by club-nights like Rio in Berlin, Misshapes and We Bite! in New York and Erol Alkans Trash and Arthur Bakers Return To NY in London, RAUW brings you music which cannot be pinned down to one style. One thing is for sure, the sound is raw, uncooked, wild and trashy, the djs mixing up just about everything, from Belgian new beat, antique acid house, dirty disco and hardrock to the latest underground tunes like discopunk, 21stcentury rocknrave and Brazilian favela booty, sleazy electro stuff and the newest new wave. Screaming guitars and fukked up sounds by old analogue computers are our main course. RAUW stages diverse shows from electronic punkbands to haute couture terrorists. RAUW hates the serious dj with the perfect mix, pukes on the perfect lightshow and is disgusted by slick decorations and the so-called beautiful people. RAUW is real. RAUW is held every Friday of the month at 11, above the new Stedelijk Museum Post CS (Museum Of Modern Art), we celebrate RAUW at the 11th floor of this 60s concrete building, with a mind blowing view of the city. The club has 12 huge video screens which are used and abused by the godfather of VJs 00Kaap. RAUW is held every second Saturday of the month at Tivoli in Utrecht, a legendary CBGBs kind of pop temple, now and then adding the visuals of JPECH for a totally raved out crowd. RAUW is now ready to rock. Are you?”

za 09 09
23:00 UUR
23:00 UUR


Designmai Youngsters was an overall succes, Jpechs new DVD / Promotion Only, with Egoshooter is a cool m.f. /// Now Supermann can crash a day or two @ Jpech International Utrecht,
while Nimmer as a free agent joins Winks DE/CO-MUTINY to infuse the coming > Bread&Butter > shows in BBBarcelona and BBBerlin
with some new bbbreathtaking installations. More to come…

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 release 17 05 06 /////>

JPECH002 /// Pro motion only /// nur f?ºr Bewegung
DVD 14.19 min.

Concept & Design : JPECH.NET (Nimmer/Supermann)

©Sound: EGOSHOOTER (Ivo Hanke, Georg Sch??nbohm), 2006.
©Visuals: JPECH.NET (Nimmer/Supermann), 2006.

Jpech LIVE footage used:

Recombination / Berlin 03, 05,
Lowlands Festival / NL 04,
Awakenings, Amsterdam 05.

And tapes and frames from many other live performences
between 2003 and 2006.

Produced @ Jpech International, Berlin.

jpech rocks /// 3 chord visuals /// see us soon


12 TIMES an Original copy of the end less track that never ends the jpech002 DVD

Blog-Watch>>>>>>>>>>>>>endgroove jpech002endtr012

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